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what is my soulfulness practice?

Practicing Soulfulness begins with looking through the eyes of your Divine Nature. Seeing the goodness in everything; every person and situation. Soulfulness is listening to and more than listening, hearing the Sound of Divinity which is always singing in rhythm to the pulse of creation, the heartbeat of the creative source which is always Love.

Personally, I have developed a practice for myself I keep myself on track with what I want my life and awareness to be attuned to—that track is Soul, my truest Nature. Just like a Marathon runner designs a workout systematic program or running, diet, sleep and all the elements needed to achieve her goal of running a Marathon. I identified the elements key to building toward my goal of illumination and awareness of the Highest Source, or God, or whatever name you care to use. That is my Soulfulness Practice. Each persona can find the way to Soul and Spirit themselves.

 Here is mine and it changes continually as I change and expand and grow.

soulfulness streaming retreat

You are invited to join fellow travelers on the path of self-knowledge and expansion to a monthly day-long online retreat for nurturing and prospering yourself in every aspect of your life.



The Soulfulness Streaming Retreat is a monthly yearlong digital streamed retreat (via Zoom which rest assured is easy if you have never used it) to connect with your Soul; your truest, highest nature, revitalize with Soulfulness meditations, Practice Nada Yoga (The Yoga of The Sound Current, the first Yoga), explore what makes you happy, and connect with the dreams of your heart and Soul and work with techniques to make the dreams of you Heart and Soul happen! Each retreat day is designed with 6 hour long sessions so they are also easy to watch recorded, one session at a time.

Facilitated by Catherine Corona who has had a 44 -year meditation practice, holds a Doctorate in Spiritual Science and a Masters in Theology from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy and a counseling certificate from University of Santa Monica.

There will be guest Facilitators each month, all experts in the fields of meditation, awareness and spiritual counseling.

So, how can you learn about the Soul? Be open about the possibility that it exists, and accept the possibility that you are more than your body, your thoughts, or your feelings. You don’t have to believe it. You don’t have to have faith. Just be open to the possibility that it exists
— John-Roger


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how to prepare for the retreat?

 Giving yourself this time to be with yourself and your Soul and The Spirit from which we come from is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself! Bravo! There is nothing better than this time with yourself and fellow Travelers on this Journey into your Soul, into your Heart and into Loving.

 The Retreat is live Streamed once a month for twelve months. One Saturday a month and it is recorded so you can watch it anytime within the entire 12 months.

 Each month is prepared with great care for you to get absolutely most benefit available.

 I do suggest you take the time, whether you watch while the retreat is being streamed live or you watch the recorded retreat; and unplug from your devices, find a quiet spot, find a comfortable lounge chair or couch. For moms and dads maybe watch the recorded retreat when the kids are in bed or on play dates. This is time for you, just for you to be nurtured, restored, reconnected, get on track, and to work to bring to yourself the dreams of your heart.


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session 1

the yoga of the sound current

We will start the Retreat with the practice of The Yoga of the Sound Current. The Yoga of The Sound Current is a little bit physical but anyone of any ability can do the physical practices. You can practice in a chair for example. The Yoga of The Sound Current is the practice of the Divine Sound of Creation so you will be taught the practices involving sound and movement. 

We move from The Yoga of The Sound Current to a few minutes of meditation and stillness. It is simple yet profound and anyone will find they can meditate in this form even if they have never tried it and for seasoned practitioners they will love this devoted time in meditation.

 The guided practice is always available for you to practice during the month and nice to start of end each day with.


session 2

Dreams of your Heart and Soul

In this session, we will explore the Dreams of your Heart and Soul and how to achieve them. Through inner processes, creating ideal scenarios, programming the Universal Mind, achieving internal cooperation, looking at self-imposed limitations, guided Abundance and Prosperity meditations, we will lay the foundation, then the building infrastructure for creating and realizing your Heart’s Dreams.


session 3

Guest Facilitator

Each Month we will have a surprise world class expert in one of the fields pertinent to Soulfullness! 

Exciting! Inspiring! Fun!

Sessions topics will include:

  • Living from the Truth of your Being

  • What is Unlimited Prosperity and How you achieve it.

  • Happiness, having fun every day.

  • Opening to Intuition and Wisdom and using it in your life.

  • Self-Mastery, living the life you have always dreamed effortlessly

  • Relationships: Hearing the Soul of Others

  • Using your Divine gifts and talents

  • Living in Joy through Service and Contribution

  • The Keys of Having more money than you have dreamed of; giving and receiving.

  • Fun, fulfilling relationships.

  • What fulfills you in life? The bucket list.


session 4

healing through The presence of your Soul

In this session you will be guided in exploring the perfection of your Soul and how to use The Soul-ic Energy to bring forward perfect health for yourself; in your body, your mind, and your emotions.

We all deal with some issue, at least I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t. And yet all, that is clear to heal, can be healed. How? The Soul is a perfected vehicle which is the truest part of us. By connecting with the Soul and using it as a conduit from Spirit to our physical selves including our mind and emotions we can heal, balance, harmonize, and uplift all parts of ourselves.

Through guided meditation and visualization practices you will access the Soul-ic energies and infuse all parts of yourself creating the state of being that you want to be and feel in your life.

You will learn to access your intuition to help guide you every day.

You will learn to create a daily Soulfulness Practice for yourself to help keep yourself on track for what you want in your inner and outer life. 

We will get to hear from fellow Soulfulness Students via Zoom too!