announcing album release November 2019

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I heard the most beautiful melody as I was walking with my dogs down my country dirt road, out from my house and along pastures and fields. The next day, another tune and then the next day a new melody and everyday for a couple of years the same…a new day a new melody. The tunes became my companions. They were a comfort, a joy. Every thought, concern, stress disappeared in the soothing rhythms, harmonies and melodic stories of the songs. I wondered where the songs were coming from and I asked the wisdom of my heart where I go when I want answers and in that stillness the still small voice said the songs were from my Soul. 

A few months before the songs came to visit I had undergone surgery for cancer and although the Doc said he had gotten it all, I didn’t feel well and I knew something was wrong. I saw 4 doctors none believed me. I felt desolate until the songs came. They came every day as I finally got back into treatment for metastatic endometrial cancer. I had to move from Colorado to Houston to go through radiation and chemo and the songs traveled with me, kept me company, gave me solace. 

I survived. I thrived. And one day I decided to record some of the tunes on my phone. Always, they come when I am out walking or at least that is when I listen, in the stillness of walking and breathing. 

I then thought I might try to find words, chants, devotions…the lyrics then came too. 

I met a wonderful composer, David Stern and before I knew it I had asked him to arrange the melodies and a few months later this album was produced. After that, I decided I would share it. 

I hope it brings you peace, comfort and some joy.

Catherine Corona | 03.19.2019



Dr. David Stern was born in Brooklyn, NY, on August 6th, 1955. David holds a Ph.D. in music theory from The Graduate Center of CUNY and has taught music courses at various colleges. David specializes in composing in a neo-tonal style that synthesizes aspects of traditional harmony and form with more contemporary elements.

David has had orchestral compositions performed around the United States. His spiritually-themed tone poem for chamber orchestra “The Golden Thread” won the composition contest given by the Tehachapi Symphony Orchestra. The premiere in March of 2018 received a standing ovation and a glowing review. His inspirational orchestral work,“We Stand for Freedom: In Memoriam, September 11th, 2001” has already received several performances around the U.S., and has been twice received with standing ovations at September 11th memorial concerts. Thoreau Contemplates Eternity at Walden Pond was performed by The Utah Philharmonia (2013). His work for narrator and orchestra,”Lincoln Speaks of Liberty” uses inspired texts by Lincoln and was performed November 2018 by The Muscatine Symphony Orchestra in Iowa.

David writes various works on commission, including a choral setting of a Walt Whitman poem, A Silent Midnight, for The Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble (New York City, 2016) and Lafayette Suite written for The Lafayette Citizens Band in Indiana (2015).

David sees music as an avenue of spiritual and emotional expression, whose highest purpose is to connect people with the divine, and to provide upliftment and healing. His ambient new age style, which is drawn upon at times for this project, is intended to assist listeners towards a meditative state. 

For more information and to hear many examples of David's music in classical, popular and ambient genres, please visit