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Catherine Corona loves to sing, loves to walk in the woods with her dogs, loves to write, loves to make movies and videos, loves to share it all.

She practices the Stillness of The Soul, she practices hearing and singing the Divine Melodies of Creation; The Sound Current.

She loves growing things where she lives in Colorado with her dogs, cats, horses and birds.

She occasionally gets asked to do a presentation on The Sound Current and Stillness. 

Be Still, Stillness reveals the secrets of Eternity.
— Bruce Lee

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& media

From the inspiration in the Natural World and the transcendent energy found in the connection with Soul and the deep urge to share Catherine has created an award-winning Feature Documentary, an award nominated book, songs, music, and videos.

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Catherine wrote: “Loving: Tapping Your Spiritual Source” as her Doctoral Treatise and it found its way to becoming a book nominated for the prestigious Nautilus Award. An award that recognizes books that contribute to social justice. She based her thesis on the hypothesis; “Can a person deepen and expand their experience of Loving by practicing loving in every area of their lives? And she created a program to do just that….


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In a time of going through extended cancer treatment Catherine became aware of the melodies she realized that are always singing in the Soul. In her daily walks in the Countryside she listened in delight to “inner” melodies and after about a year she began to record them on her phone and after another year she began to put lyrics to some of the melodies, which has now become the album; “THE VOICE OF THE STILLNESS”.




Catherine’s first movie was in high school when she asked her English teacher if she could make a movie rather than write a final semester paper, he agreed and on 8mm film she made a movie about the commercialization of Christmas, using a Kresh scene in the snow in front of a church as her set. Catherine then worked as a Script Supervisor on movies, TV shows, and commercials for most of her career. By working next to Directors, Cinematographers, and Editors she learned her skills as a Director and Writer. She used those skills to make the award-winning Feature Documentary “The Great Mystery”.


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MEDITATION practitioner

Catherine has practiced Meditation for over 44 years. She first studied meditation in the traditional Hindu meditations techniques from a Hindu teacher newly in the US from India. She then studied with The Sound Current Master and Spiritual teacher John-Roger. She has presented and lectured on The Sound Current and Stillness and practices Meditation, Soul and Stillness daily and throughout the day. She creates videos on meditation and does guided meditations with her horse at her ranch and in nature and with other animals. 


The Sound that sings us
The beating of the Universe
The eternal whoosh of The Infinite Breath…in…out
Sound that holds the fabric of Creation together
We are free and eternal
Flying on the winds of
The song of God
— Catherine Corona



Boulder, Colorado


I spent my college year of my final thesis sitting at dawn in mountain landscapes where there had been fires. Sitting in the silence of a mountain morning counting flora and fauna diversity in past fire zones.  I lived as a young woman on remote mountain ranches, one ranch had the Lakota Medicine Man, Archie Fire Lame Deer visit regularly performing Sweat Lodges and other Traditional Spiritual Ceremonies that I had the privilege of participation.

The foothills of the Rocky Mountains are magic and raw and rugged and still at times and powerful at Storm times. One can become close with lightening, with Moose and Elk and rivers and Stars. One can become connected with the seasons, the cycles, the Soul of Nature and expand in one’s own Soul by the spirit of the wild untamed world of the mountains.

I decided to string the filmed interviews with religious leaders, scholars, kids and everyday folks in the “The Great Mystery” with the beautiful landscapes in the Mountains to magnify the spiritual connection many of us find in the Wild Places, in the waterfalls, in the mountain peaks and skies and rivers. The movie is a journey, through nature, to people, to connect back with wilderness and listen and again hear from people paralleling each individuals path to their own spiritual source. With the question; Where does the Spiritual Source lead us?”

Today I live in the Countryside near Boulder, Colorado on a ranch with my two horses, two dogs, two cats and four birds, as well as the visiting coyotes, Canadian geese, myriad birds, rabbits, voles and the barn mice! All are family on Grace Cottage Ranch. Here I make meditation and Soulfulness and Stillness Practices with the animal family on the ranch.

The Voice of the Stillness rings through creation. The Voice of the Stillness sings us Home.
— Catherine Corona